What is the temperature of the lake during the event?
The lake temperature will be between 71 and 73 degrees.

Will there be SUP rentals?

Yes, there are rentals at the marina for $16 per hour.

Are wet suits allowed?
Yes. If you need to borrow a wet suit please make sure to try it on before the race. Sometimes they tend to be tight and restrict your breathing so it’s best to figure that out before the race.

Will there be a packet pickup before race day?
There will be a packet pickup on Friday before the event. It will be around the Marina check schedule for details.

Will there be an extra fee for registrations on race day?
Yes there will be an extra $10 late fee added to all day of race registrations. If you register on Friday at packet pickup then there will be no late fee added.

How do we sign up as a team?
Each person must register them selves for the teams. When registering the system will only charge an individual portion for each team member. Make sure to put in the team name because that is how we tie the teams together.
The first person who registers on the team will have to type in the team name and each person who registers after will be able to choose that team name from the drop down.