This year 2018 this event is sanctioned by USA Triathlon and participants must go by the rules listed here

If a swimmer needs help they can flag down a kayker or paddle boarder and rest if they need
Swimmers can hang from Kayak or paddle board but they can not be pulled.
Swimmers must swim around the buoys marking the course
No fins, swim buoys or paddles may be used during the swim
Wet suits are allowed if water temps are under 78

Helmets are required
No headphones allowed while biking.
Bikers are required to pass on the left and not to cross the center line.
Bikers are required to follow all traffic laws during the race.
Bikers need to be aware that this is an open course and must ride on the right and beware of traffic.
No drafting.

One headphone can be used on runs.

Helmets are required on bike portion
An adult can accompany their child on the race course.
No Kid’s under 8 can participate with out permission from the race director.
Kid’s must know the traffic laws for riding a bike and they must obey those during the race.