The ride will start at the transition area at the boat parking by the Marina.
Riders will ride up towards the entrance of the resort.
Once up to the first intersection riders will take a right.
They will then continue to the next intersection which will be Dead Indian Memorial Road and there they will take another right.
Riders will then stay on Dead Indian Memorial for approximately 13.2 miles to the intersection of Dead Indian and Forest Service road 37,Forest Service Rd #37 Fish Lake 9 Miles here they will take another right.
Riders will follow this semi rough road for about 8 miles where they will then come to the intersection of Hwy 140.
At the Hwy riders will take a right heading back towards Lake of the Woods and Fish Lake.
Riders will Stay on Hwy 40 for approximately 8 Miles where they will see the Lake of the Woods turn off on the right which they will take.
They will now be back on Dead Indian Memorial road with about a mile and a half left to get back to the lake.
They will see the Lake of the Woods Resort on the right where they will continue back down to the transition area to transition to the run.